Northern Glow 2018 | 2.10.2018 | Oulun Teatteri, Oulu

Welcome to Northern Glow 2017

Northern Glow -business forum enlightens Oulu already for the fourth time. Over 300 delegates come together to discuss new business opportunities, growth and the next steps in digitalization. 


In Northern Glow you will find out if your organization is ready for the future. Is your innovation strategy lined up for future change? Thimon de Jong, an expert on future trends & business strategy, will tell how companies have to sync their strategy with future change and the dynamics of human behavior in a rapidly changing world. Thimon will deep dive into three trends that will shape the world for many years to come.

You will also hear how a small Scandinavian company with just a dozen employees set out to change the way we consume music. Tobias Ahlin, one of Spotify’s first designers and Industry Leader at Hyper Island, will tell which traits caused Spotify’s success, and which traits are just meaningless anomalies. In this talk you get an inside point of view on the secrets behind Spotify’s success, and critically review the evidence and theories.

Northern Glow –business forum is arranged on the 24th of August in Oulu, Finland. Get inspired by the top Keynote speakers, find out the cases behind the success stories and pick up the best tips to your organization. Welcome to the Northern Glow 2017!

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Please notice that the Northern Glow 2017 agenda will be held mainly in Finnish.

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