HRx 2018 | 20.11.2018 | Messukeskus

Eat – Innovate – Love

lokakuu 6, 2017

Eat, innovate, love – How the world of work is transforming

Eat: move away from existing recipes and be open and brave for new (digital) ingredients

Innovate: rethink HR’s usual understanding of innovation and stance towards technology, embrace it and kill your darlings from the past

Love: It’s not about specific skills that HR needs or super individuals, it’s about passion and purpose to drive the digital transformation of HR and business.

The combination of today technological achievements (drones, mobile data, AI, VR/AR, robots etc.) and it’s 24/7 availability on mobile devices, smart assistants and or educational software, lead to tremendous changes in the way we work and live. The digital transformation opens new chances, i.e. intelligence assistances, chat bots and virtual trainings but also confronts employees, leaders and also entire businesses with the need to change – disruptively.

The Deutsche Telekom Group, one of the largest telco & technology companies in the world, has very early recognized the need to revamp HR to become an enabler for the digital business transformation. The setup of a new unit within HR, Digital & Innovation, is showing how to transform HR from inside out and how to get significant acceptance from business.

In his key Note, Reza Moussavian – SVP HR Digital & Innovation – points out, that huge challenges not only require a mindset change in the heads of todays and future leaders. It’s needs to be tackled with tangible, visible projects with impact. You can talk about new forms of leadership and ambidexterity, or just develop up to days leadership knowledge in a pocket as the worlds first internal used Leadership App. Further examples like the VR Learning App, Chat Bot prototypes or the Digital Enabling Portfolio underline the need but also the chance, HR needs to grasp in impulsively change the way how business and culture in a large company can be disrupted.

The key to success is – start small but start.

Senior Vice President of the HR division “Digital & Innovation “
Deutsche Telekom AG