Northern Glow 2017 | Areena, Oulu


KEYNOTE: Tobias Ahlin

Keynote-speaker, Innovation processes behind Spotify's and Minecraft's successes

As one of Spotify’s first designers, Industry Leader at Hyper Island and product designer on GitHub in San Francisco, Tobias Ahlin contributed to several Creative international success stories. Tobias is now leading the design for Minecraft.

He has experience from Spotify, GitHub and Hyper Island. Tobias is nowadays Lead Experience Designer at Mojang and leads the design for global success Minecraft. He is an international lecturer on design, trends and entrepreneurship, and now travels around the world to share their perspectives. With the help of unexpected stories, mixed with empirical data and proven techniques, turning Tobias upside down general truths, explores the nuances of depth, and examines the secrets behind the success stories worldwide.

KEYNOTE: Thimon de Jong

Founder, WHETSTON / Strategic foresight

Thimon is an expert on future change and is known for his entertaining presentations and workshops that are both academic and practical. He has been working with corporations like Aon, Tetra Pak and RBS for over ten years and is an experienced conference speaker and leadership trainer.

Thimon lectures at the social psychology department of Utrecht University where he teaches master students how sociocultural trends can be practically applied to business strategy. He has a master’s degree in Cultural Studies with a minor in International Business Studies. He is a former insights & strategy director at TrendsActive, researcher at FreedomLab Future Studies and editor-in-chief of RELOAD Magazine

Victor Arroyo

Head of Digital Banking Engineering System, Nordea

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Edward Blomstedt

CEO & co-founder, Combi Works

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Toni Immonen

juontaja ja toimittaja

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Jussi Harvela

CEO, Tactotek

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Sakari Jorma

CDO & CTO, Talenom

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Eero Knuutila

Head of Service Development, Finavia

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Minna Koskelo

Futures Designer

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Martin Kotte

Sales Manager, Finland and the Baltics, Air France-KLM

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Sanna Kärkkäinen

Managing Director, Visit Rovaniemi

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Päivi Laajala

HTM, Oulun kaupunginjohtaja 1.4.2017

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Tommi Lehtonen

CEO, co-founder, Blueprint Genetics

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Nelli Lähteenmäki

Hyvinvointialan kasvuyrittäjä, startup-aktivisti

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Susanne Nygård

Country Leader, Software Finland, IBM

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Mirjami Saarinen

pääkirjoitustoimituksen esimies, Kauppalehti

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Kai Sahala

Head of Radio Access Marketing, Nokia

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Mikko Setälä

Chief Corporate Development Officer, Rovio

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Samuli Tursas

CEO, co-founder, Koodiviidakko Oy / Liana Technologies

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